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Japan Disaster. Red Cross

Japan was hit by horrific earthquake and tsunami. If you’d like to help those affected visit Red Cross’ web-site

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Hello again or returning to old self

Merry Christmas!!! It has been a while since my last post. Many things has changed – I have took on a new challenge changing the job and moving back to California. And wasn’t it a great decision! With new job … Continue reading

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Is going Linux means replacing I with We?

There we go again… Marketing wars… Is being Linux means replacing I with We? Accordingly to a new addition to the Mac-v-PC adv. war – Linux – “WE are Linux” – yes. Personalization in the look at the computers promoted … Continue reading

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IBM to buy SUN – end of the era?

Updated on 04/07/2009 Talk rumored in 1998 and surfaced once again in 2002 will continue – IBM was in final talks to acquire Sun… It was suspected that some news would be announced by Monday 04/06/2009 and they did – … Continue reading

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