Ok, there we go … First day – preconference sessions
My alarm clock died today, so I was just in time for the first session.
We was late last night so I wasn’t be able to register so I did it today…

Every attendee received usual backpack with T-short – navy blue with ALM elements model at front – very nice, I personally do not like white style, so this one is perfect.
Backpack also comes with BorCon 2004 program booklet, set of CD (ASP.Net resource kit, MS Windows XP SP2 and Tablet PC Developer Start CD), Delphi Informant Magazine and ASP.Net Pro Magazine issues, and some adv info.
I like a t-short and backpack, they will be a good addition to my BorCon collection.

It is not related to a registration but just to get you some info how everything is arranged – there is a wireless coverage during the conference, you can use it everywhere around the building (if you have a signal)
Also there is a computer lab available for people who does not have air signal and regular LAN connection can be used.

Note. I will try to write down everything what I see, but as you can imagine it is impossible to cover everything, so bellow is a list of other people’s blog, please read and enjoy:

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