From a variety of sessions I’ve choose two:

  • Microsoft .net Framework Security by Steve Teixeira
  • XML in Microsoft .Net Framework by Robert Love

Bellow is a little about first

I think it was a great session. Yes, there is not enough time to cover .Net security in 4 hours, but Steve did great presentation.
He covered main aspects of incorporating security context into your application.
Next topics were included:

  • set a security for your application code -at design time
  • assemblies security settings – signing, security certificates, …
  • cryptography in your applications
  • security in ASP.Net applications
  • ASP.Net authorization

What is good about all such sessions, it gives you an idea where to look and what to expect. It gives you a starting point from which you can elaborate and come with a solution you need.

Note You might be surprised, but you will see a lot of Diamondback (Delphi 9) or Delphi 8 during a sessions which are in any way related to .Net and require some code samples. Almost all demos are done within them – you can see C# or ASP.Net code, Delphi.Win32 or Delphi.Net. I think this is showing a big effort of Borland in promoting a new version of Delphi or Delphi in general. I will encourage you to look at these products today and as soon as it (Delphi 9) will be available for evaluation.

Second session by Robert. Great session! Tutorial provided a basic coverage of main elements on how XML is used throughout MS .Net Framework. All samples was done using Delphi for .Net (Delphi 2005 or Delphi 9.0, I really do not know what it will be at the end, I like 2005 better). Robert cover main aspects of use of XML from application: reading and writing from/in XML document, validation, and transformation. What I personally found handy – it is how any Delphi class can be easily serialized via XML by using XMLSerializer. It is easy and fully customizable. Great addition for Delphi component streaming.

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