David I have continued a yesterday Dale’s music line and joined Taiko group (Taiko? Read this http://www.taiko.com/rollingthunder.html). Drums – Great wake up call for us.

Boz Elloy holding a keynote session about Borland vision of software delivery optimization (http://info.borland.com/conf2004/keynotes.html).
After short introduction he passed it to a Borland team to talk about SDO in action. As a sample project iPet.com #2 is shown. CaliberRM in a team planning and development… Nice phone conversations between team members in a mean time. Next step was to address requirement changes to a development team (automatically via CRM notification) to JBuilder X team into UML diagram which then posted into StarTeam Repository (integrated into IDE)… passed to next member of development team (notification and distribution)… two clicks and we have a code created which then passed to QA team which by time Mike come to QA department they already notified and almost done their job… and only need to change status of the request to go to deployment… and… done… version #2 defined, implented and deployed…

And then come to Boz with next presentation about Borland vision for software development …
Borland saying – it is time to step forward from just development to a fully managed process from definition, design, implementation to QA and delivery… “getting good”: decrease cost of the project, decreasing a time of the project, making project successful and delivered at time…

Borland answer to development problems – Software Delivery Optimization.
I am not very fast in typing, so I let other guys to give more details on each aspect in of SDO by Borland… Check blog list for more details. For example, Nick has very detailed blog about a presentation here http://www.lemanix.com/nick/.

Then there were some comments from Borland team about how Borland strategy IS working within Borland software development cycle.

Borland is going to make it available for Delphi developers next year.
Borland plan to change a way how products are packaged and distributed: product line will be more segmented and target specific needs of development teams instead just having Pro/Ent/Arch versions.

New projects were announced which address different part of development cycle:

Prometheus – ERP for software delivery
Hyperion – visibility and predictability
Themis – team-work infrastructure

We will see them integrated in current environment one by one during next few years.

As a main next stage of evolution of Borland platform for 8 months – resource and project management, process automation and optimization (this segments are part of first two project).

Next exciting news was announcment of the new versions of products

  • JBuilder 2005
  • StarTeam 2005
  • Caliber 2005

Note. Borland finally decided to go with year based versioning

As a closing point of the presentation we saw one of features of upcomming DiamondBack – NUnit based testing

And then, just in case if someone fall asleep during presentation, we had a Taiko team with David I again.

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