• Delphi Tips and Techniques by Brian Long
  • Foundations of Service-Oriented Architectures by Kenneth Faw

Session #1: Many of us start a day with session which became classic of BorCon – Delphi Tips and Techniques by Brian Long. I think everybody enjoyed Brian’s British accent. ;o)
As usual we see some nice ways to add homey touch to your Delphi IDE (such as make visible some hidden menus, make your hints nice and colorful, some undocumented registry keys and more. Because during a session Brian used DiamondBack attendee were be able to feel a new flavor of new Delphi version, see new features and language extensions.

Session #2: My big “thank you” to Kenneth Faw, Pillar Technology Group, one of the favor presenters during BorCon (6 sessions). He did talk about SOA (Service-Oriented Architectures), not a web-service aspects of it (many of us see SOA from this perspective only), but as a full architecture for enterprise applications (remember CORBA?). Even it wasn’t many people during a presentation, I think it was GREAT. My opinion, Kenneth should have this session presented during regular tracks and for bigger auditoria. As soon as people go to enterprise market they start to make (in many cases) same mistakes, over and over… Going through major aspects of SOA architecture, Kenneth included many real life samples of building enterprise application in .Net and Java environment.

  • building SOA
  • detailed list of benefits
  • do you have legacy system component – look at SOA architecture
  • defining SOA architecture for your applications
  • use of web-services in your SOA
  • good and bad practices of implementing enterprise application

If you miss a session, talk with Kenneth, you will find what you can get many good ideas. It might lead to a consulting contract with Pillar TG… or might be not… ;o) Anyway, it was gooood.

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