Ok, this is a first post. Thank you for visiting ;o)

After a long time Borland didn’t have a choice but include CrystalReports with Delphi (2005). Competition… ;o) Yet it is supported only with WinForms personality. You would think that it will be logical if one personality have it then two others will have it too, but not. Ok… be it…

Finally, we also come to conclusion that supporting many formats for reporting is a good idea and we are buying CR XI. Great!!! I was talking about this for quite some time. But I will still do everything myself to integrate CR with Delphi (7).

Fortunately, knowing that this will happen eventually I did implement our current reporting system that it is using ReportBuilder in File mode and this allow us now integrate CR in just few steps… – it is just another report adapter – easy and transparent (it might be a good idea to make it as an public component set, but I just have no time to do it…).

Latest changes with CR license model now give big advantage – we can distribute runtime, RDC and viewer without any license problems – so it is a good news. Price is also very good – 315$ for upgrade (we have Delphi 2005 and VS, so it allows us getting this upgrade price).

I did install it and so far it looks prommising…

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