It has been two years since Crystal Reports 2008 was released. It feels old now – no support for new .Net technologies, no support for new export formats, etc.

So question is – when we would see any of this?

Accordingly to Blair Wheadon,  Product Manager in the Volume Business Unit at SAP, our cries may be answered relatively soon.

Post is a nice summary and I hope features discussed would be in the final product.

Few highlights I pick for myself and with comments:

  • Crystal Reports Basic will no longer be included in Visual Studio 2010
    Finally! Every time I have to set-up Visual Studio environment, I have to make sure I do not bring CR Basic along since I have a full version instead.
    Do not worry “Crystal Reports for Visual Studio 2010 will be provided by SAP as a free download, no registration required“.
    We are committed to have a beta version at the time that Visual Studio 2010 goes GA. A production release will be no later than Q3 2010
  • There are slight changes in Licensing… as usual, read it through.
  • 64-bit run-time support.
    Good! Platform independent code for .Net applications.
  • New WPF Viewer
    Even better! No more .Net 2.0 assemblies (I hope)
  • New XLSX export to take advantage of the big grid for data-only Excel exports
    Finally! 64K page limit is inconvenient, to say the least.

You can read about other more or less important improvements in Blair’s post, but these are answers for questions I was looking for.


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