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Working with Crystal Reports. Good and not experience. Tips.

Crystal Reports 2010 – rumors are out

It has been two years since Crystal Reports 2008 was released. It feels old now – no support for new .Net technologies, no support for new export formats, etc. So question is – when we would see any of this? … Continue reading

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Crystal Reports 2008 and ASP.Net : speed up the first session

Did you ever noticed that after restart of the IIS ASP.Net page which has Crystal Reports Viewer would take much longer to come up? Some of it is expected since on initial start up, a number of Crystal assemblies and objects … Continue reading

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Expiration of CrystalReport Viewer pages with long running queries

Wow! It worked… I continue my journey with Crystal Reports Viewer (CRV) inside ASP.Net pages. Topic of this post is to discuss problems and solutions related to long running queries in CRV. I would like to thank Daniel Paulsen from … Continue reading

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How to set default file name for export from CrystalReportViewer in ASP.Net

I have had nice discussion about a new Crystal Reports based web-site today. And everything seems to be fine… Except users want to see a proper default name for the exported files… Environment: Crystal Reports 2008 engine IIS 7 ASP.Net … Continue reading

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CrystalReports: getting engine version

When working on the new web-site which uses CrystalReports engine to display some reports, it is useful to know what version is used. Yes, we usually know what version of engine we have on development machine because of the level … Continue reading

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Crystal Reports Extension Methods Library

After using Crystal Reports for many years what always strikes me is that some of the methods available via API are not generic enough and require unnecessary repeated coding for simple things. Lately all my development, when in comes to reports, … Continue reading

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Crystal Reports 2008 : hacking datetime parameter format – reloaded

Few weeks ago I have wrote on how to hack Crystal Reports 2008 ASP.Net Viewer control to suppress time part in the parameter calendar control. With release of Service Pack 1 for Crystal Reports 2008, suggested solution no longer works since … Continue reading

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