Fun: Boss is always right or rules of management

Below are some facts known for ages. They are true and should be respected.

Wise Old Sayings or Rules of Management:

  1. The Boss is always right!
  2. If, in your lamentable ignorance, you fail to grasp the truth, fear not; return to rule 1. Or… If the Boss is wrong, refer to rule 1.
  3. If you enter the Boss’s office with an idea of your own, you must leave the office with the Boss’s ideas.
  4. The Boss does not sleep. He rests.
  5. The Boss is never late. He is just delayed elsewhere.
  6. The Boss never leaves his work; his attention is just required elsewhere
  7. The Boss does not read the paper in the office. He studies.

Few recent additions: by JZ Richard, by Dina Bova, is he?

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