Delphi for PHP. First hand knowledge. The Beginning

This was exciting two months…

Wow, I was working for CodeGear as part of Astro project – code name for Delphi for PHP announced recently.

Now I can talk about it and what should I start with?

I am a Delphi developer with over 15 years of experience working with Delphi/Pascal. And I am PHP developer with over 8 years of experience.  So I can see from both sides and tell that it is a big jump for PHP world as Delphi 1 was for Pascal users.

What it is all about?

CodeGear gives PHP programmers a RAD IDE which allows them not only type code but do a true RAD development. Visually with simple click… Isn’t it great?!!!!!

What is Delphi for PHP is inside? Great editor, great libraries, debugger, page editor, project manager and much more. All those great things Delphi developers have enjoyed for years. And now it is here for PHP programmers.

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