Delphi for PHP. Qooxdoo. Part 1

Today’s topic is Qooxdoo library

Someone called it VCL for JS. It is almost true. Almost… VCL is nothing without IDE and property editors. But… it is a great library/framework.

“qooxdoo is one of the most comprehensive and innovative Open Source AJAX frameworks. It is a multipurpose framework that includes support for professional JavaScript development, a state-of-the-art GUI toolkit and high-level client-server communication.”

My main responsibility was to wrap controls from “Q” library as PHP and in Delphi way. Sometimes it was easy, sometimes require some digging.

Primary location for library source, examples and help is here. If you are to work in any way with components from VCL for PHP included in DFPHP and to do some adjustments or understand what is coming as parameters of event, then I suggest visiting web-site and browsing around.

Unfortunately, there is no user forum at this point, but there is great deal of samples and almost complete help available from web-site. If you are not to find something in help, then look in Demo section for component usage sample and study the source. If you do not see something there, download library source and check Sample section there. Help topics are from time to time are incomplete, but project is evolving and I think improvements will be visible very soon.

Notice, that source for “Q” library coming with DFPHP is in compressed form, so for you to go and look at object implementation might be a little bit of the challenge, so, again, do not forget about source available as download.

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2 thoughts on “Delphi for PHP. Qooxdoo. Part 1”

  1. Seemore says:

    will there be an autocomplete AJAX feature for textboxes (aka. Google suggest, Capxous)
    Looking at qooxdoo website i can not find anything in this respect

  2. Serge says:

    If Q library supports that then it will be supported for TextField and objects which are based on it. If not then it is a feature request for that library or will require custom implementation.
    Edit contol should act as normal INPUT field.
    Lets remember, it is version 1 product.

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