Delphi 2007 notes – part 1

Last night I finally was able to have time install Delphi 2007 on my machine.

Wow!!!! Nice.

First and important thing – if you worried that it will break your existing installation of Delphi 2006, then answer is – it will not break it but nicely coexists.

New installer looks much better then before. I am not sure if .Net environment is still installed (I would think it is) but not to see this annoying Prerequisite screen is good.

Nice theme for installer. Much less questions to go through.

Now it comes with live update – I do not have to watch Download page or NG announcements.

Some things about DVD itself. 

DVD… 4Gb is huge. But no more of “please change CD” message boxes… clicked “install” and got it installed.

Size? It might be tough to download if you want one to get online.  I do not know how it will be published for download but if ISO will be as it is and you are one of unlucky one who has a 4Gb file size limit on the Proxy or if you get corrupt download and size is 4Gb exact, you might consider to ask a friend with T1 or order a DVD shipping.

Otherwise, CodeGear team – this is first real release in years – well packaged, streamlined and simple. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

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12 thoughts on “Delphi 2007 notes – part 1”

  1. Stuart Kelly says:

    Hello Serge,

    Hopefully the ISO will be zipped up to reduce the site. Is the DVD completely full? I wouldn’t have thought that Delphi 2007 and partner stuff would take up 4GB?

    They could also provide a small executable which downloads the ISO, for registered users.

    Cheers, Stu

  2. That I will need to check. Not all ISOs are very well compressed though.
    But I would think that CodeGear support team has a solution for all of those possible issues.

    Currently, trial version available here is just 4Mb. So, for those of us who has problem with DVD, Web-Install is the way to go.

    This is one of many great things which InstallAware gives you today 😉

  3. Roland says:

    Great information on the coexisting with Delphi 2006. It was said, but I was a little worried to install it on my dev. machine (you never know…._ until I get all the third-party stuff. (In case it should break I could get all over to D2007)

    No worries!

  4. C Johnson says:

    You obviously have had no components that interact with TeeChart. There ARE some weird interactions that can happen at that point.

  5. yes, I am aware of that
    same time Delphi 2007 is in the list of supported versions as it is on TeeChart site here

    Since it is third-party product, I will consider to check their support forum.
    Sorry, never used it in my applications since I prefer Crystal Reports

  6. Jim Culpepper says:

    How do you install Crystal Reports 11 into Delphi 2007?

  7. Jim, What do you mean here?
    Delphi 2007 is a Win32 product, there is no CR support per se, but you can still use VCL component provided by BO, if that what you meant.

  8. Graeme Edwards says:

    I have downloaded and installed the Delphi 7 VCL for Crystal 11 from the borland site and installed this in Delphi 2005, 2006 and 2007.
    In all cases it works fine except for one “minor” problem. When you click an item in the drill down menu when previewing a report, the application freezes.
    Unfortunately, I haven’t found anybody who offers any support to fix this and I haven’t been able to track the problem myself.

    1. Hi Graeme. Sorry to reply to a 8 year old post…

      Do you still use Bold ? I try to find all active Bold users over the world and collect them to a list.
      The petition is not dead but a bit locked. Still search for a solution. Please reply here or mail me directly at

  9. I would suggest to check FastMM debug option or any other profiler. I suspect that some of the declarations could be off (you are using COM interface, don’t you).
    Also, do you get any suggestions using BO forums? If it COM issue, then might be someone seen it in other environment and fix is available.

  10. Mike Winauer says:

    Hey there, i’m using Delphi too, writing a database application and want to use
    Crystal reports to print reports. Graeme Edwards mentioned a Delphi 7 VCL for
    Crystal. I tried to find it on the Borland site, or anywhere else on the web, but
    out of luck. Could anyone plz tell me where i could find this one?

    Thanx a lot,

    Mike from Austria

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