Borland is moving to Austin, Texas

Funny, how much you can miss these days just by going on vacation and staying away from the news. 

Hm… The News of the past two weeks is that Borland is moving to Texas.
Now exactly or not just yet, though. For now it is just administrative stuff. And nothing is mentioned about CodeGear.

Per Nick’s comment in NG, CG is not moving and Allen did emphasize on this in his blog.

Ok, parent moving for retirement when kid is continuing to have fun on campus.

It is understandable decision by Borland to cut costs and maximize profits, since things in Austin are cheaper then in Silicon Valley.

Why CG did not do it in the first place while deciding their future? Smaller company, smaller budget.

But there is bigger part in the picture – people, team. And team is in SV… Toss them around and string keeping company together might be broken. Once again, everything is about people and their work.

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