Ok, it has been few weeks since CodeGear team has released a new version of the company’s web-site.

You can easily see that this event did not go through unnoticed by the community – people are blogging, discussing in CodeGear newsgroup… Some find it great, some find it not that great… Well, can we or should we judge every step team is going through? I do not think it is fair to criticize every move.

One thing for sure – CodeGear goes further away from Borland, making greater distance between two.

Few highlights I do like:

  • Did you notice that Developer Network web-site is now using a whole browser width allowing you to have more information visible?
  • Themes for different sections are now fully in sync and you do not feel that visiting different parts represent different departments…
  • Navigation menus are now streamlined and simplified
  • You can easily switch to the language of your choice to navigate and read using your native language – some work has to be done there still since not all captions are translated, but I think it is coming
  • And important thing that almost everything is available for you as variety of RSS feed formats.

So, I think CodeGear team did a great job on this one and I am looking forward to see more.

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