Long due Delphi roadmap is out – http://dn.codegear.com/article/36620

7 months of being on its own, CodeGear has presented new and updated Delphi Roadmap describing company’s vision for evolution of Delphi product line.
Covering 3 years, roadmap shows where Delphi will be headed in the future. 

  • Highlander was “scaled down” after release of Spacely and now primarily addressing growing lag in .Net support 
  • Few new names appeared – Tiburn aka Delphi 2008 and Barracuda aka CBuilder 2008 – lets use year association for now. Main thing here is long awaited Unicode support and improved VCL. 

CodeGear team recently has asked to highlight areas in VCL which require improvements.

Oh, well… I can name a few: Grid based controls, update rest of VCL control to be up-to-date wite current Windows controls (we all know that some are so old, that you wouldn’t even want to use them in today’s applications).

Did you notice? BDE is back on the map – now as SQLDataStore –  there is life after death after all will see what it will be.

Finally we will see resource editor back into picture… After ImageEditor being dropped from the package there was no alternative on how to modify resources… Well MS Visual Studio and 3rd party products will help… but it is inconvenient not to have RE as part of the integrated environment.

And… on the horizon there is a shadow of 64-bit support, even inside VCL…

Off course this is too far in the future, but it is on the map.
So, read it for yourself, see how it suite you and do not forget to communicate your needs with CodeGear team. You might turn table in your favor or even add some new chairs.

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