Steve Trefethen to leave CodeGear

Steve Trefethen decided to leave CodeGear to pursue a new opportunity.

Some could consider this as bad news but reality is that we are all people with our own ways in life.

So let’s congratulate Steve and wish him Best wishes.
Thank you for all great things you have done for Delphi (and not only) community.

PS. Waiting eagerly for 28th to see where you have chosen to go.

Link is sloooooow at this time. I would like to see blog-site visitor stats at this moment.

PS. And there is no info about Steve on CodeGear web-site anymore. Something is not right…
Blog is clean (

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4 thoughts on “Steve Trefethen to leave CodeGear”

  1. Thanks Serge!

    Don’t worry about my old blog, I request it be deleted a *long* time ago and perhaps now it will really get removed. 🙂

  2. Steve,

    Yes, I’ve figured. Problem I see is that entering your name in the search for CG web-site produces 0 result. 5 links to the pages which has no info at all. Sad. Despite any fact on how relationship ends, I would imagine some closure should be present somewhere.
    Anyway… Good luck with new work and thank you for all great work in the past.
    Marco mentioned that you are not going to join Dark Side ;)… will wait for 28th 😉

  3. Great I just created a Delphi Tips and Tricks page for my Chicago user group that had tons of great references to Steve’s site. What a waste of my time!

    Steve, Why did you not make sure that your blog information got copied to a codegear site so that the community could still benefit from it? I just hate to see good information go down the drain. What a same.

  4. Steve, Thank you for all your great contributions to D2007 and your great Delphi blog posts. Good luck with the new job.

    Ignore the above post, its seems that I was experiencing problems because of the DOS attack on your hosting site. The links to your blog still work and all is good. Not sure what blog you were talking about above in your comments that you requested CodeGear to delete.

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