Update for Delphi roadmap – looking around

Ok, I have had some time to read updated road map and see what else has been changed.

There is a new addition – Beyond “Commodore” – you might find it interesting.

Hm… multi-core… nice… hopefully it will be in time… and not behind like it did happen with .Net.

Another “research” project to mention is cross-compilation.

Somehow this addition has appeared after my original post about VCL 2.0. Coincidence?! As I mentioned earlier, I was sure that CodeGear is paying attention to the question discussed and was already doing research on the subject. And updated road map just supported my thoughts. Way to go!!!!

One thing though, might be it will be great to see some of the cooking a little bit earlier then 2009. Yeah, yeah, I know… we are too eager to see things moving in more rapid pace.

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2 thoughts on “Update for Delphi roadmap – looking around”

  1. “Somehow this addition has appeared after my original post about VCL 2.0. Coincidence?”

    BIG Yes!

    I don’t want to put you down, but I pretty much doubt that CodeGear would read your article *and* within a day, change their roadmap! If they published it on the 21st, then it should have been cooking and going through aprovall processes for at least a week! 🙂

  2. it was a joke 😉

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