GPS – small thing which becomes more and more popular. If you travel somewhat often and to places where you never been then this thing might help you to spare a few unpleasant minutes.

1. Hardware

I’ve decided not to look at any standalone units like Garmin. Why? Well, I have one of last Axim 51  (Dell decided to discontinue making them and I do not really know why… since unit is very nice.) Therefore I have an antique … also I have a laptop and I want to use both when I am traveling. I was using MapPoint for quite some time, and I can say that it worked well for me but I had not have a GPS for it, so trip planning was mostly visual.

There was an occasion to get something nice for myself and I have decided to get myself a toy – GPS receiver BT-359W from USGlobalSat (don’t look at their advertised price, you can get it for ~ 90$).

Ok, so I’ve got my toy… It came in nice box with CD and variety of charging options – car or regular outlet with US or Europe adapter… nice. Oh, I’ve forgot to mention – it is a Bluetooth enabled, so there are no wires around. Unit is small and easily fit in your pocket, so if you want to go outside of your car you can easily do so and do not worry about battery for about 11 hours. (I did not try that walk for so long, but it was sitting in the car for the week and still on the same initial charge…)

Lets connect… it took me about 5 minutes to set everything up and… vuala… I’ve got my position in space with +-10m error… not bad, but you might get a funny effect with this… (we will talk about this later;)

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