I have started to talk about mobile GPS solutions some time ago and there is more about my experience.

2. Mount

My BT-359 works just great and helps me on the road several times already. Keep in mind if you want to feel comfortable at all time then make sure you have enough juice in your batteries before the trip otherwise you might be stuck in the middle of nowhere and would have to use “old” ways to navigate.

As I mentioned before I am using Dell Axim 51 (now an obsolete device since Dell stopped production of it, but still working for me just fine) and I started to look around for something I can use to mount it in the car, so I have options to:

  • recharge it while driving
  • firm mount solution with good grip
  • and will be nice if I can charge my GPS at the same time.

There are several things you can use, but I found iTrek Powered Mount Kit just what I needed. You have options to choose from for your base and after several tries, I went with this one. Actually I have got two models in one: 1 and 2. As you can see one is a shorter version of another and you can swap between them when have to. As far as a kit itself, it meets all my expectations – I have firm mount with extra power for GPS (there is special port for the device) and Axim. If you are looking for something like that – this is your choice. If you do not have Dell Axim, browse the other models for your PDA/Phone.

Warning. Try stay away from “simple” mounts with “spring-like” base. It is great until you start diving and then it starts shaking like the scared rabbit. It won’t be good for your eyes and probably will distract you from the road. And in addition when you are trying to return it you might be asked for money or so-called restocking fees to return it.

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