I am a proud owner of Dell Axim 51v. I think it is a great device still.

As I mentioned in one of the earliest post, Dell Axim line was abandoned by Dell and therefore we are on our own.

And being behind the whole planet and still using WM5, I started to look how to put WM6 on my device.
Long story short, I have found it… and where? Russia!!! There are dedicated people who are oppose to idea Axim being dead and not worth effort to support.

It is called Football edition of Windows Mobile 6 for Axim 51v. See a discussion here and download referenced here or google for “football wm6 axim 51”.
At his point there is A03 RTM available and A05 being in beta.

I have downloaded and installed English version, but there are other localizations as well. So far it works fine and it is confirmed by other Axim owners.

PS. There is still a question to Dell Techs – why free for vendors Windows Mobile 6 is not available for Axim? But it is a side question…

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