Mac v PC. Fair game or Apple did it again

There are things in advertising I do not like – someone is trying to look better by making others look bad – cool/uncool, pretty/unpretty, old/new… list can continue…

I did not see something like that coming from M$ recently, but as a user of iPod Touch, I visit Apple web-site often and it was hard to miss… Main page of has Christmas ads with old guy (PC), Santa and Cool guy (Mac) along with other one from here. We don’t know places to ask about PC after you bought it? Lousy, sorry… and not saying much good about Apple advertising department…

US Cellular has its own campaign like that against other major players…

I like Mac’s GUIs for long time, not that I use it though, and put Mac inspired themes on my Windows XP (try WindowBlinds – cool app for decent price), yet I think it is a bad business practice to bash a competition. Compare with it is one thing, saying/showing bad things is another.

Do you know ads from M$ which doing it, put a link into the comment.

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2 thoughts on “Mac v PC. Fair game or Apple did it again”

  1. Shawn Oster says:

    I agree with you completely about Apple’s marketing, it feels very cheap. Given your stance on not bashing the compitition though I wonder why you use ‘M$’ instead of MS, Microsoft or MSFT. M$ is usually considered Microsoft bashing. Seems you’re being a light hyprocrite here.

  2. 😉 I might be as well. I like Mac design in many areas, and Microsoft just started to realize that slick and easy interface is something they need to be paying attention to as much as stability of the OS itself.
    Never the less I am a Windows programmer and have no plans to change the situation in any near future.
    Same time I program in non MS-related languages as well (like PHP).
    Is MS about money? Yes, a little bit too much to my taste. Is it good or bad? Neither. MS is doing business in the way they like it.
    So, yes, I am using M$, but, no, I am not bashing Microsoft for their doing. It is a great company as far as intellectual power and a lot has been improved in their policies in recent years to improve affordability of the MS products and their intention to meet people’s needs (MPoV).

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