Linux Incapable – was: Windows Incapable

I guess I have got myself in the mood for drawing 😉 Lets have some fun.

While searching for some pictures I found this “Windows Vista Incapable” from

Well, this is our answer 😉 (it is just a joke off course):

From Linux to Vista or Windows

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8 thoughts on “Linux Incapable – was: Windows Incapable”

  1. First: My previous comment was “eaten” because I didn’t have javascript on without a single mention that Javascript *IS* needed to comment, here’s a second try…

    Second: From *source* to destination, not “sourse”;

    Finally: I doubt there’s any single machine around that can RUN Vista and NOT run Linux… As for the other way around, that’s pretty much every 3+ year old machine!

  2. Thank you for your attention, but this was a joke, no more into it.
    Yes, to comment you need a Java Script support enabled to do not allow spamming. It is a default feature of the plugin for WordPress. And I think once you post it a first time, it will be fine later.
    There is no “source” in the post.

  3. Petr Matejka says:

    Nice one.

    The “Sourse” is an alternate text for first picture 🙂

  4. Stuart says:

    Just so you know Fernando’s not crazy or sloppy, you do have “sourse” in your post. It’s the Alternate Text property for the “Designed for Linux” image, and is seen on mouse-over.

  5. I did not say I did. Thanks! Found it.

  6. Nice 😉

    Could you possibly create a “Designed for Windows” logo without Vista specifics?

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