This is follow up on Bill’s presentation at where he shown MS Surface (fast-forward to 27:00) which is now a commercial product.

Buttons on the Surface are sluggish, but an idea is great!!!! Well, almost…
Watch how it should be presented or how it could be advertised (Apple style).

Or might be they just used different table? Oh, this is Linux, but how similar it is…
Do you know how it works?
Do you know how it should work? MS really should headhunt for Jeff Han’s version of it or just buy the company and integrate to make Surface a success. I guess coffee mug does affect the process…

I would think that few years in development one would have a presentation more like that:

Recent news: CNN took upon PP solution and is using it as “Magic Wall” in their election night’s coverages.

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tsgee · Aug 2, 2008 at 11:21

MS table is just a novelty to have but the apps is the really the market waits

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