Living in Wisconsin one is faced a decision to have two sets of tires or have very good all-season set. Two sets is good but costly, where all-seasons might have not that good on snow or ice. This is a situation when Nokian will give you a very good alternative – people in Finland do respect snow 🙂

After trying Nokian WR on my Altima for a few months (replacing Yokohama’s), I have installed second set of Nokian WR G2 (a newer version of the same tire model) on my Accord just before main snowfall (replacing Michelin).

What can I say, it was a very good decision so far. We have had a lot of snow this winter along with rain (read a black ice)… Tires handle very well on all surfaces, with all kind of snow condition and black ice.

I have installed first set late in the Fall so I have had a chance to try them under regular conditions (summer/fall) and they worked very well there as well. Smooth ride even at 70mph.

Keep in mind that it is almost the only tires which are all-seasons but certified for severe conditions.

Last night I have to dive – go through 10 in of water over the ice – and went through just fine – good tracking and handling, no sliding.

Price? I’ve got my two sets for about the same price I would pay for winter Michelin. They are not cheap, but worth the money when you see people sliding by you trying to hit the breaks.

Where to find? This is a question which might require some search since they are not offered at TireRack and a few regular dealerships will stock them. I’ve got mine from Mercedes-Benz dealer. It seems to be popular there. My regular dealership even though could order them for me, did quote higher price.
Nevertheless, you check with your regular dealer first, even if they do not stock them, they might get them for you. But check other places as well. If you OK to order over the web, there are few places now which sell them too.

Very good. My highest recommendations.


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