As we all know, CodeGear will have a new home in a few months when merger is completed.

Considering the size of two companies, I do see it more as a merger then acquisition at this point. Future movements will define the term better in the sense that if some of the CG gems would be tossed away then it was an acquisition of the desired technologies, otherwise it is a beneficial alliance.

Being a Delphi developer for many years, I have my concerns… will see…

We are back to square one for the Delphi product future from what we were two years ago. Many remember talks then…

The difference from two years ago when spin-off of development division was announced is that we are now talking with different people about the future of the different company.

What have changed:

  • company survived almost on its own for two long years showing strength and desire to stay in the business of developing platforms/tools for developers
  • new products were introduced along with some of the old one brought back
  • despite some changes in the team, it is still strong and kicking
  • CG improved communication levels with developers significantly
  • New branding, site, infrastructure, management is more agile in decision making
  • Merger is between equal parties and therefore could ensure some fairness in future plans inside and outside

As we can see many good things happened, and I am expecting to see even more in the future.
It is now up to the new host to treat a new guy in the house and next few months will show what the outcome would be.

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