Developing for Windows Vista

Two weeks ago we have discussed some of the implications and inconveniences developers and users faced when introduced to Windows Vista.

What makes Vista so “unfriendly” for developers?

As it had happened before, it is a new guidelines and requirements.

It was true with Windows 3.x, then Windows 95, NT, and 2000/XP. Nothing is so different now – a new UI, the new user experience. As a result, the new approach in development is required.

Microsoft pushes this new requirements through all possible channels and one of them, a primary for developers, is Windows Vista Developer Center.

Developers could find many references and tips there, helping them with existing and new software to become “comfortable” in Vista environment.

A very first item is “Why Develop for Windows Vista” – a summary of what we, as developers, need to look for…

As for Delphi, we should not forget now famous Creating Windows Vista Ready Applications with Delphi (second editions) by Nathanial Woolls.

Yet there is much more has to be taken into account, so visiting WVDC would be appropriate.

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