CodeGear no more?

July 1st is around the corner and everybody is wondering what would happen tomorrow with CodeGear team… everything goes well as it seems.

David IAllen Bauer, Michael Swindell and Anders Ohlsson are talking about the transition and a new day at the new place:

Today is my last official day as a Borland/CodeGear employee… The only difference will be that I will be employed by Embarcadero.

We are not so much interested in Borland at this point, but CodeGear news are in focal point…

No more Borland in Scotts Valley, as there is no more CodeGear. At least as an entity.
Would CodeGear as a division keep its name associated with the products or would we see Embarcadero Delphi? Time will tell.

New home, new chapter for Delphi.
Congratulations and good luck!

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