First, if you were looking for information about Hyndai’s sporty compact, it is not about it.

CodeGear joined Embarcadero and finally is free to do what they suppose to do for many years now – develop the software for developers and not some few of many tools for IT management (there would be no problem there in general until development tools line start to degrade).

CodeGear extends the Borland legacy, but not in the way it was done last 8 years since the era of Inprise ALM movement.

Back in 2000, Dale L. Fuller, then president and CEO of Borland, said about going back to the roots and renaming from Inprise to Borland:

“The Borland name has always been synonymous with superior technology,” “We recognize the influence the Borland name has on customers, and we know this decision will strengthen our identification within our target markets.  The Borland name symbolizes a new start for the company, which has proven itself over the past eighteen months with two consecutive quarters of profitability.  As we continue our turnaround, the name change signifies our renewed commitment to customers, stockholders, employees and analysts.  Borland has always been well known for its ability to simplify complex technologies and the new name signals a return to the commitment to deliver superior technology that helps speed and ease the software development lifecycle.”

Promiss which never had a chance to be furfilled. “Software development lifecycle” took over the “developers, developers, developers” (Microsoft (c), this guy can motivate) moto which we used to associate Borland’s name with. It took long 10 years to fully realize potentials of the development tools market.

Now with CodeGear finally free form “Inprise” legacy (it is sad that we have lost good old name “Borland” in “Delphi”, but may be it is for the best.) we all looking forward to see a comeback of Delphi development platform, both as a language and as IDE, to get back its rightful place among modern development platforms.

We have a great tool which just need to return to the day light.

Do you want to know more about a new version? Read what people are saying about a new version, codename Tiburón. If you are not currently using it, give it a try. See what Delphi name was about for years.

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Francis · Jul 25, 2008 at 06:37

Also you can look at Citroen DS (Codenamed and friendly named ‘Tiburón’) a 1955 representative car.

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