DS Plug-in System 5.7 with support for Delphi 2009

DS Plug-in System with support for Delphi 2009 has been released.

To read more about the package please visit following link.

IMPORTANT! This version is not backward compatible and has been modified to support Unicode. If you are not interested in support for Delphi 2009. You could continue using prior version.

If you have existing plug-in, it has to be modified before it can be used with the new version.

Follow next steps to perform unit conversion:

  1. Open unit with the Plug-in.
  2. Ignore error, if change in event signature is detected.
  3. Look for “procedure ds_GetPluginInfo” and replace procedure declaration as
    procedure ds_GetPluginInfo(var aPluginID, aSubSystemID, aDescription, aClassName: string); stdcall;

    and implementation as

    procedure ds_GetPluginInfo(var aPluginID, aSubSystemID, aDescription, aClassName: string);
  4. If you have OnMessageProcess event, signature has been changed as following
    procedure dsPluginProcessMessage(aSenderPluginID, aMessageID: ShortString; aMessageText: String; aData: TObject; var aConfirmed: Boolean);


    procedure dsPluginProcessMessage(aSenderPluginID, aMessageID: string; aMessageText: string; aData: TObject; var aConfirmed: Boolean);

    where dsPlugin is a name of the plug-in class.

  5. Check for the following line in the class declaration
    class function IntGetDescription: shortstring; override;

    if found it has to be replaced with

    class function IntGetDescription: string; override;
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