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World is not that big when help is needed

If you are in California, you know about drought being declared. On another side of the mountains, Midwest states are affected by recent flooding. Result of new record rainfall rivers are record high almost everywhere. Fortunately, our area, Milwaukee, was not affected that much – in … Continue reading

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CodeGear… Going Once, Going Twice,… Sold…

News of the day – CodeGear being finally and quietly sold… to Embarcadero Technologies… At Embarcadero Technologies we know databases, we understand the important role they play in every organization and we love meeting their challenges. It took two+ years … Continue reading

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Blog receives a small “facelift”

Blog receives a small “facelift”. I have had some time last night to think about some changes to the design of the blog to make it better (hopefully)… After some considerations a few things are moved around and I am glad … Continue reading

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Blog improvements

WordPress 2.5 has been released and I have updated my blog engine to use this version. Migration is now finalized: styles, theme, features are now in sync. From what I can see, everything is running fine and it appears to be … Continue reading

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“One fish per family” or “family practices”

Last week coming from vacation at Hawaii, I have had an amazing experience!!! Oh, Deja vu… Being born and raised in Russia, I have experienced how during recession certain food items could be limited in access. Limited quantities per month for some products … Continue reading

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Looking for good tires? Try Nokian

Living in Wisconsin one is faced a decision to have two sets of tires or have very good all-season set. Two sets is good but costly, where all-seasons might have not that good on snow or ice. This is a … Continue reading

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Wise versus InstallAware

Using Wise for over 10 years now and known as a host for Wise Script Library for last 5, I have wrote dozens installations, created many actions and scripts to accommodate various tasks required during deployment process. Many are still available at my … Continue reading

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