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Windows 7 and multi-touch – continued

Some time ago I have wrote about steps Microsoft was making into multi-touch interface support inside Windows application. If you visited PDC 2008, then you probably already heard that Microsoft had officially presented a new .Net framework/API which would be … Continue reading

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Future of C# – v 4.0 at PDC 2008

Late August I have brought up a question about default parameters in Delphi. But it does not stop with just Delphi – C# did not have support for default parameters for years… Not anymore – default or optional parameters would appear … Continue reading

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Menalto’s Gallery 2.3 has been released

If you ever visited my photo gallery, you  may noticed that it runs on Menalto’s Gallery 2 engine. With recent release of 2.3 version, I have updated my installation as well. Few bug fixes may not worth mentioning, but noticeable … Continue reading

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Mobile devices support

After adding support for iPod/iPhone, I have decided to go a little bit further and add automatic support for mobile phones. Initial test passed using the following validator. Windows Mobile may be still in question. I’ll test it tonight. From … Continue reading

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iPod/iPhone support

I have found a plug-in for WP which provides a special internal theme for iPod/iPhone – WPTouch. If you have one of those devices, could you perform a quick test to see if my blog is displayed properly. Please let … Continue reading

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Are you ready for Visual Studio 2010?

Visual Studio 2008 just making its way into development environment, but Microsoft is already talking about Visual Studio 2010 and .Net 4.0. Read here Update: More information is now available at Channel 9

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Put a code in your post – code highlighting

As a programmer you often want to share some piece of nice code by placing it in your post on the blog. You can just wrap it in <code> or <pre> tags and play with CSS to make it more … Continue reading

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