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Symfony/PHP and “Too many open files”

Symfony seems to be somewhat resource hungry under some conditions and would leave trail of PHP errors indicating that there is “Too many open files”. There are several discussions on the topic suggesting that garbage collection mechanism does not close … Continue reading

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PHP, MySQL and error “2006: MySQL server has gone away”

As a hobby I like to do little photography. Same time I do not like to give my photos to someone else to host, so I have my gallery. It runs on Menalto’s Gallery 3 engine – nice, open source, … Continue reading

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How to embed Google Docs document into your page

Google has changed how Google Docs are exposed. As result method discussed in this article is no longer applicable. Please explore other options (ex: Google Sites). Thank you. There are plenty of presentations, documents, and spreadsheets we may want to share … Continue reading

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Delphi for AS/400 is comming back home

Delphi for AS/400 is coming back. Some of you might remember this product from long time ago. Well… it is back. Let put onto our history book. CodeGear just announced a return of long missing child and it is available to … Continue reading

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Create your first Widget for WordPress – PHPText

There is my first WordPress Widget – PHP Text – Text Box which accepts arbitrary PHP code and can execute it inside sidebar block. Another requirement is that it is only be allowed to be entered by Admin User. I … Continue reading

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