Delphi for AS/400 is coming back. Some of you might remember this product from long time ago. Well… it is back. Let put onto our history book.

CodeGear just announced a return of long missing child and it is available to try and to purchase. And it is not just Delphi but Delphi for PHP version.

As it appears Delphi/400 was “out of the house” for quite some time where it was still undergoing development.

In 1997, we signed an agreement with Borland, licensing our AS/400 middleware technology, ClientObjects/400 to create a world-class suite of Object-Oriented Development tools. These innovative development applications, Delphi/400, JBuilder for iSeries and C++Builder/400, were designed specifically for the AS/400 developer community.

Since the introduction of Delphi/400 and C++Builder/400, developers and corporations worldwide have been using SystemObjects solutions for application development and deployment.

Our Partner Network provides education, consulting, training and support to thousands of developers and users in all countries.

In February 1999, SystemObjects and Borland entered into a global agreement which:

Consolidates the commitment of both Borland and SystemObjects to providing the highest quality development products for the IBM AS/400 community,
Recognizes the importance of the IBM AS/400 market by focusing future development, distribution and support of its products dedicated to the IBM AS/400,
Entrusts AS/400 experts, such as SystemObjects, with maintaining Borland’s high quality standards,
Increases Borland’s investment in the AS/400 market.

Full history note is available here.

What it is exactly then? As it is stated on the web-site and in other places – it is Delphi 2006 which has connectivity to AS/400 back-end – see screenshot here. Also it has ability for easy deployment to iSystem.
I think there was some mentioning of Linux port, but I think it has “died” along with Delphi 7/Kylix.

Same applies to Delphi/400 for PHP. It is regular DfPHP with connectivity to back-end.

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