Delphi 2007 notes – part 1

Last night I finally was able to have time install Delphi 2007 on my machine.

Wow!!!! Nice.

First and important thing – if you worried that it will break your existing installation of Delphi 2006, then answer is – it will not break it but nicely coexists.

New installer looks much better then before. I am not sure if .Net environment is still installed (I would think it is) but not to see this annoying Prerequisite screen is good.

Nice theme for installer. Much less questions to go through.

Now it comes with live update – I do not have to watch Download page or NG announcements.

Some things about DVD itself. 

DVD… 4Gb is huge. But no more of “please change CD” message boxes… clicked “install” and got it installed.

Size? It might be tough to download if you want one to get online.  I do not know how it will be published for download but if ISO will be as it is and you are one of unlucky one who has a 4Gb file size limit on the Proxy or if you get corrupt download and size is 4Gb exact, you might consider to ask a friend with T1 or order a DVD shipping.

Otherwise, CodeGear team – this is first real release in years – well packaged, streamlined and simple. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you

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  1. First, if you have one of the latest installations of CR (XI) then it is part of distribution (or at least it was until recently)
    Then, if not, check BO website here

    Otherwise, use Crystal RDC/COM interface to the new printing API – you will need to do somne research on this or look here:

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