A good example of what happens when new products are not aligned with key core products.

Google has announced that it is dropping seven more products in an effort to simplify its range of services. (BBC)

The seven latest products earmarked for the chop are as follows:

  • Google Wave – an attempt to combine email and instant messaging for real-time collaboration
  • Google Bookmarks List – a service which allowed users to share bookmarks with friends
  • Google Friends Connect – allowed webmasters to add social features to their sites by embedding a snippet of code
  • Google Gears – much-hyped effort to maintain web browser functionality when working offline
  • Google Search Timeline – a graph of historical query results
  • Knol – a Wikipedia-style project, which aimed to improve web content
  • Renewable Energy Cheaper than Coal – a project which aimed to find ways to improve solar power

As user of WordPress platform “closest friend” from the list is gGears, fortunatelly WP discontinued its support for it some time ago.

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