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Crystal Reports 2008 and ASP.Net : speed up the first session

Did you ever noticed that after restart of the IIS ASP.Net page which has Crystal Reports Viewer would take much longer to come up? Some of it is expected since on initial start up, a number of Crystal assemblies and objects … Continue reading

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How to embed Google Docs document into your page

Google has changed how Google Docs are exposed. As result method discussed in this article is no longer applicable. Please explore other options (ex: Google Sites). Thank you. There are plenty of presentations, documents, and spreadsheets we may want to share … Continue reading

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Visual Studio 2008 and IIS 7

Deploying ASP.Net applications is always fun when it comes to packages which are more complex then usual and require additional actions taken and this one is not an exception. I think this topic run into the ground, but it seems … Continue reading

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ASP.Net/WF : New built-in .Net Charting control

I was always for a “built-in” support of features in modern development environment. Even if it comes in basic form, we, as programmers, should have ability to do “basic” stuff without 3rd party involvement. There are plenty of 3rd party solutions … Continue reading

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Menalto’s Gallery 2.3 has been released

If you ever visited my photo gallery, you  may noticed that it runs on Menalto’s Gallery 2 engine. With recent release of 2.3 version, I have updated my installation as well. Few bug fixes may not worth mentioning, but noticeable … Continue reading

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TIP: HTML “File Download” dialog customization

NOTE: This only applies to Internet Explorer 6 with XP SP2 and later. Once in a while you would like to become a tyrant when it comes to what your site’s visitors can do with the content, file links in … Continue reading

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Put a code in your post – code highlighting

As a programmer you often want to share some piece of nice code by placing it in your post on the blog. You can just wrap it in <code> or <pre> tags and play with CSS to make it more … Continue reading

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