Week before our departure, I have finally had time (and reason) to finish my PADI certification. Time was spent not without a joy by itself and it did paid it back in full during a trip.

We were on the beach almost every day and there were several group of people who were taking diving lessons. Well, not a best way to spend time on Maui. If you have an option to take diving lessons before the trip, take it. You do not want to spend several days in the water (see a group of small spots in the water near the beach) just to able finally go to the diving trip. Take lessons with your local diving shop at time convenient to you and without the rush.

OK, now a fun part. Do you want a best diving experience without being part of the 10-20-50!!! divers group (how can they even manage so many)? Do you want to get professional crew and well maintained gear? Try ProDiver Maui.

Very good and smooth trip. I will be posting some photos later if my first underwater photo session was successful, which could be not true.

ProDriver team takes only 6 people on the tour, so you might to call in advance (in my case it was 2 days, but if you are going at high season, then consider to call earlier).

PS. If you are planning to take photos while underwater, think about this ahead of time. Yes, you can buy one-time camera in any local store, but quality is not good. Plus, your film most likely will be processed not in the way you would like.


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