As I have mentioned earlier, during the spring break we have visited the next island of Hawaii – Big Island. We spent 10 days overall there. I think it is a gold middle for how much to spend there – it is not to short, you have enough time to visit places and just to spend time on the beach.

Well, finding a good beach could be a problem, since there is not to many of them in proximity from Kona where we rented a condo. One I like most –¬†the Hapuna Beach – is about an hour drive one way… But if you are to spend time by the ocean, it worth it.

Some photos are available here.

Another big thing during this trip was diving and snorkeling with camera. I made some photos using my old Fuji FinePix S5200 with Ewa-Marine D-A underwater housing. First, camera by itself does not have housing as accessories, so I have to go with 3rd party solution. I have dove to 60ft without any problems. Considering the price out of all currently available on the market, this one is probably the best alternative.

You can see some of them here.

Overall it was fun and time well spent. But I did like Maui more. ūüėČ


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