A few more words about my diving experience at Big Island of Hawaii.

This was my second destination at Hawaii after Maui last year and two more dives.

There are plenty of dive-shops and destinations there. But after reading “Big Island revealed” I went with Pacific Rim Divers.
Good team, small group (they take about 6 people), smooth trip, no pressure. Overall it was very nice experience. And brownies were good.

First dive was by Old Kona airport beach (56ft), second at Turtle Pinnacle (50ft). Water was nice and clear, with good visibility. Plenty of fish, corals, moray eels (see photo, and one was a big fella – about 4-5 ft, it was hard to measure and no big need to disturb him), sea cucumbers, and more.
No turtles or rays around this time though. Later I have seen green turtle at Hapuna Beach in the morning by the reef in the middle of the beach.

As I have mentioned earlier, main thing this time was to be able use my regular camera (Fuji FinePix S5200 and Ewa-Marine D-A underwater housing). You can find some of the photos from our diving and snorkeling trips in my gallery.

Few words about the housing. It was the only choice for me, since Fiji does not have any (compare, for example, with Olympus). And I wasn’t ready to spend money on the new camera… For a few hundreds dollars I have got alternative which I will stick with it for now.

You can find photos from snorkeling trips also there.


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