Diving and taking pictures… by amateur… it did not go as planned…
Please learn from someone else mistakes:

  1. Try using something more than “for tourists” camera sold in nearby store – 100 dim generic camera is not sensitive enough for 50ft+ dive. There is just not enough light. Hey, we want some memory about the process… not ready to spent 2000+ on equipment? Then it would work.
  2. When using film based camera – process it right away at the location of the visit. Do not try to do that at home! California, Florida and some other coastal areas might be fine – there is higher chance that local photo shop will process it correctly, otherwise… you get what you get… Happens to me… now I need to play with the photo editor.
  3. Otherwise, use digital camera – you will need an underwater housing for your precious camera so it does not drown.


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